Paying homage to a truly unique area in Slovenia - Istria.

What to expect

By Luna Agency

This might arguably be the most exciting trip on the list, especially for the more curious guests. We will take you to Slovenian Istria and its hinterland, presenting you with staggering views and acquainting with you the locals’ daily life.

Thanks to Slovenia’s geography, the Littoral is located a mere hour’s drive from the capital, yet it feels as if having arrived to a different country. You will be taken across the Istrian gentle rolling hills, enjoy fantastic panoramic sights, see local flora and fauna as well as Istrian architecture, but above all, we will meet Sara.

So who is Sara? She is a renowned truffle hunter who runs a small family business in small Istrian village. She is an extravert person who is more than happy to oblige and show us some of her tricks. Or should we say, their tricks! You guessed it, she is not on her own. She works together with her dog Liza which, literally, has a nose for truffles. While visiting the place, we will learn about Sara’s family business, ranging from truffle hunting and upbringing of dogs as well as little secrets that masters of truffle hunting possess. If desired, Sara can also prepare us a snack, consisting of locally produced pasta called fuži with truffle sauce, prosciutto, cheese, olives, olive oil, and/or drinks. Then, the fun starts as we will follow Sara and Liza’s tracks into the forest, wandering around in search of truffles.

Having departed from Liza’s place, we will stop at the Wine fountain in a small village, boasting an outright breath-taking view of the area and then proceed to a city-museum called Piran. It is located on the shore of the Adriatic Sea and is widely regarded as a pearl. Hailing from the Greeks, much has changed over the centuries, yet the town has remained an impenetrable fort, standing at the tip of a cape. Venetian influence is hard not to spot, with attention to every detail, therefore – when at the Littoral, a visit to Piran is a must.

Let the adventure begin!


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