Two UNESCO sites in one trip!

What to expect

By Luna Agency

Buckle up for one of the most exciting tours on our list! Well, truth be told, they are all pretty spectacular, but still. Presenting you the UNESCO sites: the karst cave and the finest stud farm in this part of Europe!

Since Slovenia does not count among the largest countries in the world, it might come as no surprise to you that the Škocjan caves are located only a good half an hour’s drive from Koper. Undoubtedly will they mesmerize you – be it with their Karst phenomena such as stalactites or curtains, gigantic cave halls or perhaps the cave dragons that are found residing here! Anyway you put it, coming here while in Slovenia truly is a must.

Having visited the dark cave systems below, it will high time to enjoy the sunrays and spend some time in the nature with animals. What better place is there than going to the Lipica Stud Farm, home to the famous Lipizzaners? Recently enlisted into the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list, the noble white horses here were obtained by means of selective breeding. The idea of the Habsburg rulers was to emulate the successes of the Spanish army while at the same time follow the ideal of the epoch when white was the colour of the highborn.

Come with us, we cannot wait to tell you more!


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