Three world famous places in one trip!

What to expect

By Luna Agency

Buckle up for one of the most exciting tours on our list! Well, truth be told, they are all pretty spectacular, but still. Presenting you the longest cave in Europe, the largest cave castle in the world and one of the finest stud farms in this part of Europe!

Since Slovenia does not count among the largest countries in the world, it might come as no surprise to you that the caves are located only a good half an hour’s drive from Ljubljana. Undoubtedly will they mesmerize you – be it with their Karst phenomena such stalactites or curtains, gigantic cave halls or perhaps the cave dragons that are found residing here! Anyway you put it, coming here while in Slovenia is a must.

We are lucky enough to have the next-to-do on our bucket list just 10 kilometres away. That’s right, the Predjama cave castle sits right in the vicinity of the Postojna cave. What is more, the Castle’s oldest part is actually built in the same cave system! This very Karst phenomenon was exploited by a local prince who, being under siege, used the back channels to reach his allies who then supplied him with food reserves. Unsurprisingly, the siege lasted almost a year until the prince was betrayed by one of his servants and shot dead by a cannon-ball.

Last but least on the list is the Lipica Stud Farm. Home to the famous Lipizzaners, the noble white horses here were obtained by means of selective breeding. The idea of the Habsburg rulers was to emulate the successes of the Spanish army while at the same time follow the ideal of the epoch when white was the colour of the highborn.

Come with us, we cannot wait to tell you more!


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