Discover the capital of Slovenia, meet the place where the Mediterannean and Alpine souls clash and visit the longest cave in the world - by train!

What to expect

Tour by Luna Agency

The charming little town is well-situated and lies entrenched between a fortress on the hill and a mysterious river that carries as many as seven different names. Ljubljana is a vivid and lively place, teeming with life, especially in the warmer part of the year. Its illuminated embankments left and right of the river make evenings nothing less than magical. The old town boasts narrow cobbled streets, a town hall, a cathedral with a spectacular gate, historical squares, parks, a uniquely designed library and a bridge that houses the keeper of Ljubljana – the mighty dragon.

You will also be acquainted with the local Roman legacy, taste Slovenian traditional liquors and get to know some of the most delicious specialities in the varied Slovenian cuisine!

Included in this trip comes the the longest cave in Europe - the Postojna cave that boasts numerous unique karst phenomena as well as the so-called "human fish". 

Optionally, we can also visit a cave castle close-by,  situated only 10 kilometres away. That’s right, the Predjama cave castle sits right in the vicinity of the Postojna cave. What is more, the Castle’s oldest part is actually built in the same cave system! This very Karst phenomenon was exploited by a local prince who, being under siege, used the back channels to reach his allies who then supplied him with food reserves. Unsurprisingly, the siege lasted almost a year until the prince was betrayed by one of his servants and shot dead by a cannon-ball.

Come with us and unveil Ljubljana and Postojna's secrets!


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