Explore the Town of the Counts, see the rich Roman legacy, climb the largest castle in the country and drink beer from a fountain.

What to expect

Tour by Luna Agency

This is an excursion conceived around a region in Eastern Slovenia that produces as much as 3 % of worlds hops. Driving around there, you can imagine what the surroundings are like.

In the morning, we will head eastwards and take the first, obligatory break of the day at an important pass and rest area that has kept this status right from the Roman times. Back in the olden days, merchants and travellers would change horses or sleep over at this place, nowadays, however, traditional doughnuts are served and stopping there is a must.

After the snack, we will continue towards Celje, a place full of history and beautiful scenery. Celje was the most important Roman city in what is now Slovenia and was later on the seat of the Counts that at their peak rivaled even the Habsburgs themselves! After a stroll, we will visit a famous museum called "A City beneath a City", uncovering what Celje looked like in the Antiquity. We will also learn which symbol of the Counts remains in the Slovenian flag even today.

After we are done exploring, we will go for a lunch, with again several option at disposal. This will be followed by a visit to the mighty Castle of Celje, the only fortress in the country which actually resembled any independent political power. Also, it offers a perfect view point of the basin beneath.

If it is not for the history that one would be attracted to this area, then it must be for its delicacies, especially beer. The region has a long tradition in growing hops and brewing beer, so surely the locals also must like drinking it, right? Correct! There is one unique spot, produced by an innovative mayor and found nowhere else in the world - the Fountain of Beer. Of course, there are only local beer available, with craft beers being dominant.

We will wrap up the day by visiting a Roman Necropolis, the largest of its kind in the territory of Slovenia.


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Сollection point before the tour

At 8:30 P.M. Dalmatinova ulica 15, 1000 Ljubljana.