Enjoy the drive through the green Slovenian countryside, learn about a Partisan war hospital and knit your own Unesco-enlisted Idrija lace!

What to expect

Tour by Luna Agency

This trip offers you the chance to meet the Slovenian countryside eye-to-eye, walk its picturesque towns and trails as well as taste cultural heritage first-hand. First sight on the way will be Škofja Loka, a town notoriously famous for having the best preserved medieval centre in the whole country. Did you know that the name of the place means "Bishop's meadow", coming from the fact it used to be owned by a Bishopric? There is even a related coat-of-arms preserved, telling us this very story.

Afterwards we will continue our tour by driving through a lovely agricultural valley, full of typical Slovenian villages, farms and churches. Whoever will be paying attention, will quickly realise it is no wonder Slovenia tops European charts by number of churches per 1000 people.

Next we will stop for a hike and walk to a secret WW2 site that used to be a functioning Partisan war hospital. Being situated in a gorge amidst inaccesible mountains, it is no wonder they never found it!

Then we will continue our journey to Idrija and visit a world-famous Mercury mine. At the height of its production output, it used to be the second largest mercury manufacturer in Europe, after Almaden. Nowadays, it operates as an underground museum, presenting the younger generation with a typical miner's life. Since this town used to be third largest in central Slovenia, restaurants in Idrija are not hard to find. 

We will also take you to the local fortress, the Gewerkenng Castle, where you will test your skills at knitting a UNESCO Idrija lace - a landmark of the region and country.

We'll finish our day by visiting a charming lake whose depth remains unknown to this day.


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Сollection point before the tour

At 8:30 P.M. Dalmatinova ulica 15, 1000 Ljubljana.