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As seen in the photos, Slovenia is an extremely diverse place. That's why we strongly believe that in Slovenia there is something for each and everyone. Turn to the North, you'll find the Alps, visit the West and you'll swim in the Adriatic, drive to the East and witness the oldest vine in the World. What is more, the diversity in the relief is followed by the diversity on the plates. Drink exquisite local wines, indulge in mountain cheese, try the traditional Carniolian sausage or have a go at the Layer cake.

Or why not everything?

Bohinj, Soča valley, Goriška Brda, Kras, Piran, Lipica Stud Farm, Škocjan caves, Žiče Carthusian Monastery, Ptuj, Maribor and Logarska Valley to name a few. Places so close together, yet so diverse.

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