The place that outdoes Slovenia in terms of international recognition.

What to expect

Tour by Luna Agency

This trip offers the visit of one of the most stunning places in Slovenia, Bled, and its environs, namely the medieval towns of Radovljica and Kropa. The first was an administrative centre, whereas the latter an artisanal, with blacksmith tradition surviving till modern times.

Our first stop of the day, though, will be the Vintgar Gorge, which was carved out by water over millions of years. It sits right on the edge of the Triglav National Park and is widely known for its narrow passages and pure water. The water is that clean that upstream they capture it and pump into the local water system. On a side note - tap water in Slovenia is drinkable everywhere!

After that we will set for Bled where we'll first go for circular drive round the lake, with us showing the nicest places to chill or take photos. You'll have many possibilities as to what to do at Bled: taking the boad to the Island and/or climb the Castle, trying the local delicacy - Cream Cake - or just enjoying some free time. At all times we'll be there to make your day.

This will be followed by going to a place with a well-preserved medieval Old Town of Radovljica, where we will have lunch. After that we'll visit two workshops. In the first one, you'll be able to decorate your own traditional Slovenian Honeybread biscuit, and in the second one you'll be able to hammer your own nail in an old forge.

After that we'll depart back to Ljubljana.


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At 8:30 P.M. Dalmatinova ulica 15, 1000 Ljubljana.